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is a full service interior design firm with a unique sense of style and creativity.


Our team is passionate about creating a home and spaces that fit each client's lifestyle effortlessly.

Shannon’s greatest asset is the ability to instantly see the potential in any space, and to artfully facilitate every detail from start to finish. Clients are consistently amazed by Peppeard Design's vision of each space, noting that Shannon knows a clients' style before they do. The result is creating practical spaces that embody timeless design.

Shannon Peppeard of Peppeard Design


Principal Designer + Owner

Principal Designer and owner, Shannon Peppeard, has been operating her interior design business since 2006. After attending the Harrington College of Design, she began a career in the financial sector, but continued to practice her design talent on friends and family homes. After leaving her employer to have her two oldest children, she began her interior design business. Shannon oversees all design projects and makes sure the design is a reflection of the client while incorporating a timeless classic aesthetic. Shannon's strengths are her relentless work ethic, passions for all things design, and her ability to see through every space she encounters. Her passion and love for design shines through every detail of the project. Shannon resides in Saint Charles, Il with her husband Doug, their 3 children, and two dogs, Piper and Finn.

Carrie Brondyke of Peppead Design


Office Manager

Carrie thrives on helping people and making personal connections. Though her background is in the corporate finance world, she is thrilled to give the artsy right side of her brain a little attention. While admiring design transformations, she keeps things flowing and efficiently organized behind the scenes. In her spare time, Carrie can be found rescuing animals, keeping rabbits away from her garden, and thinking about going for a run.