Shannon Peppeard

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know this inaugural blog post has been a vision in the works for quite some time.  Who knew how much work putting together a website and ecommerce store was?  Certainly, not me until I went thru it the past few months!  Props to my amazing creative team for developing such a beautiful site, and for teaching me a thing or two, or twelve, along the way!

I couldn’t be any happier to officially welcome you to Pep Talk!  Long before I even contemplated a website, I always knew I wanted to find an outlet for people to develop and nurture their inner designer.  Too often I am asked, “How did you do that?  How did you know that that pillow would go with that sofa, which ties in with that paint color….?”  Right down to, “How did you arrange the flowers in that vase?”  I’m definitely not here to toot my own horn, because trust me, the list of things I don’t excel at is long (ahem, website development).  Yet, I’m here to encourage you, to build you up, and possibly, teach you a few tricks of the trade as we go.

I love designing interiors for people and I love it even more when my clients get involved; when the design process doesn’t feel so overwhelming to them anymore and they start to develop their own, unique style.  I’m hoping that via Pep Talk, in collaboration with the world wide web, I’m able to encourage even more people to find their inner designer.  I’m looking forward to building a community where taking risks is encouraged, failing is okay as long as you try again, and beautiful spaces will always persevere.

I can’t wait to hear what projects you’ve been working on.  Drop a comment below and let the Pep Talk begin!