Or perhaps better said, my love affair with it!  If you’ve scrolled thru my gallery or follow me on Instagram, you’ve most likely noticed how much I use texture in my interiors.  Let’s break down my homepage image for starters.  What textures do you first see?  Is it that furry throw?  The velvet, tufted sofas?  The pompoms on the pillow, the ornately carved base of the coffee table, or that roughly distressed fireplace surround?  I think we can safely say we’ve confirmed my infatuation. 

Texture Rich Living Room

Now let’s break down why I love texture so much with a Pep Talk: it adds layers to your room.  It keeps people engaged with the space, almost intrigued wondering what is it about this room they love so much that they just can’t put their finger on.  Texture!  Outside of the obvious fur and velvet, the subtle textures are where all the magic lies.  Those coffee table legs are not only unexpected, but keep the table standing on it’s own even in between two massive pink velvet sofas (no pun intended.)  The carved legs are a piece of art all in their own.

Looking for another subtle way to incorporate texture that makes a big statement?  Wallpaper!  Textured grass cloth is the perfect backdrop to a smooth wooden headboard.  Cork is another great textured wall covering and looks excellent behind eclectic gallery walls.

Now, take a look at your Pinterest boards or Instagram saved posts.  How many of them include plants?  I bet you can’t scroll too far without noticing a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, or succulent trio.  The natural textures a plant provides can have a dramatic effect on the space. Not to mention the container the plant resides in.  Often a basket is used, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but adds even more texture to the room.

Have I brought you into my texture love affair yet?  Hopefully I’ve encouraged you to look for pillows with fur, shaggy rugs, or even just to pick up a plant the next time you are at the hardware store.  Share your textured interiors in the comments below!