Can we stop a minute and recognize how many interior design styles are “in” today? I don’t think that there has ever been a time where the variety of styles is as numerous and as varying as they are today.  From farmhouse to coastal, Scandinavian to industrial, almost anything goes.  And if you’re like me, you love it.  You can’t decide which style you like the best and on a daily basis your Pinterest boards are changing dramatically.

While it is an exciting time to have so many styles available, I can also see it being extremely overwhelming.  So let me give you a quick Pep Talk:  it’s okay to embrace all of them. Even in the same room.  Just like I am about mixing textures, it’s more than okay to mix styles. After all Pep Talk started to encourage you to bring out your inner designer and if you like all the styles then we support that.

Blue Living Room

One of our most pinned images is this blue living room from a client’s home in suburban Chicago.  At first blush it may be categorized as modern farmhouse with the shiplap fireplace surround, buffalo check chairs, and the distressed wood beam over the mantle.  But when we look at that accessories with the gold accents, and the shape of the white table lamp, we definitely see a nod to mid-century modern.  The Mongolian poufs in front of the fireplace have a bohemian feel, and there is no denying the rustic lodge ambiance of the antler chandelier. 

This is exactly why I think it’s one of my most pinned images. Because it applies to so many styles and because so many of us are drawn to diverse styles.

As a designer, the main reason I incorporate various design styles is because it keeps a space timeless.  Unfortunately, every trend has it’s time, so if I only designed a room in mid-century modern, the space would “age out” faster than when I mix styles.  Plus it’s easier to keep the space present by swapping out minor décor and fixtures as styles do change…and it saves money!  Rather than a complete redesign, smaller purchases keep rooms trendy.

What are your favorite design styles lately?  Hopefully I’ve encouraged you to take a risk and mix pieces you love from all aesthetics!