See what I did there…I didn’t even use that word (ahem, wallpaper).  I’ve learned better.  After years of raised eyebrows and hesitations, I’ve learned better.  Wallpaper has a bad rap, and truth be told, I get it.  I’ve been part of many remodels where we remove the 80’s fruit border from the kitchen or the burgundy with gold pin dot in the bathroom.  But let’s face facts…wallpaper has come a long way and it’s time to embrace it!

If you browse thru our gallery, it’s easy to see that we're big fans of wall coverings here at Peppeard Design.  I’m always talking about “adding layers” to rooms and this is one of the most dramatic ways to do just that.  Especially when it is used in unexpected places.  In my recent texture blog, I showcased a living room featuring a fireplace surround with butterfly wallpaper.  The rest of the room included painted trim (another favorite!) and cream walls.  The contrast of the wallpaper is a pleasant surprise and really takes the room to another level. 

Wallpaper fireplace close
living room
Living room

In an Indiana beach house we installed wallpaper in the powder room, which is one of my favorite places to use this treatment and also the one I get the most resistance from.  Powder rooms are small and often don’t include windows, so the fear of claustrophobia is a concern.  So let’s stop for a Pep Talk: often the design choices that are the hardest to make are the ones we end up liking the most.  In the case of wallpapered powder rooms, they may just be on top of the list when it comes to compliments from houseguests. 

Bathroom wallpaper
master bedroom

The last home I want to share with you is my very own bedroom.  I chose a design from Relativity Textiles, which along with Philip Jeffries, is one of my favorite vendors.  Both of these designers are trade-only, meaning they only sell their wallpaper to trade professionals like myself.  When you work with an interior designer you often get access to brands and pieces that you are not able purchase online or at brick and mortar stores.  Furthermore, trade professionals frequently get special pricing from specific sources, just one of the values of working with an interior designer.

Are you ready to embrace wall coverings?