With the launch of the Pep Line, I couldn’t think of a better Pep Talk than pillows!  As a designer, I love throw pillows.  They can instantly change a room and not only serve as décor, but also functionality.  

Pep Line

However, with the abundant number of options on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed shopping for the perfect pillows.  Here are a couple rules of thumb I tend to shop by:

First, and with good reason, let’s talk inserts.  Often times big box department stores carry foam or poly-fill throw pillows.  While it is easy to get distracted with the pretty patterns and textures, pillows with poly-fill inserts simply don’t have the same look as down or synthetic down.  We can’t apply our beloved karate chop (creating an indent in the top of the pillow for a finished look) to poly-fill inserts. Not to mention, they’re not comfortable…and we’re talking about pillows here, so comfort is of the necessity.  Eliminating poly-fill inserts from our shopping cart will immediately reduce more than half the pillow options on the market.

Second, shop for a variety of pillow shapes and sizes.  Just like texture adds layers to a room, various pillow sizes keep the eye moving.  The Pep Line pillows come in five sizes making it easy to style your sofa: 12x20, 14x20, 16x22, 20x20, 18x18.  Furthermore, our pillows have generous inserts that allow them to maintain their shape and fullness. If you happen to purchase cases and inserts from other retailers, we always recommend sizing up 2” on the insert (choose a 20x20 insert for an 18x18 case).

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about patterns!  The Pep Line pillows are created from a variety of one of a kind African textiles.  They are made to work together, but each has the capability of standing out on its own.  I find that mixing patterns is where most of my clients find frustration, so let’s stop for a Pep Talk: choose one bold pattern, one simple pattern, and one solid pillow in coordinating colors.  A great example of this would be to choose the Kelli pillow (bold pattern), the Coco pillow (simple pattern), and incorporate a solid white or navy pillow of your choosing.

Pep Line pillows couch

I love some good pillow talk, so post a comment or question below with your throw pillow design dilemmas.