Hands down, the number one area my clients lack "design confidence" is with shelf styling, and with good reason.  Even for interior designers, shelf styling can be hard. The good thing is, we have covered a lot of the basics in our past Pep Talks.  The same rules we apply to mixing styles and using texture in rooms, we apply to styling shelves. With these fireplace built-ins, I used the raised patterns on the vases, the soft greenery, and the wicker mirror to  create an array of textures.  

Fireplace built ins

Another secret to shelf styling I always incorporate into my designs is layers,  both in height and in depth!  Here are a couple easy tips to add layers to your shelves:

1. Rather than just set a picture frame on the shelf, add stacks of books or a tiny box below the frame to add layers.  
2. Add depth into your layers by leaning objects against the wall and placing vases in front of it.  This will really add to the depth of the display.
3. To really set the stage, consider a wallpaper like this metallic brushed one.  It immediately adds a statement layer to the shelves.

So for this week's Pep Talk: I encourage you to incorporate layers to your shelf displays.  


Dining Room shelves

Lastly, I can't talk about styling shelves without suggesting to include things you love!  This may seem like a no brainer, but often times we get swept up trying to pair perfect shapes, sizes, and colors that we don't include things that speak to us.  For me, it's picture frames and fun quotes. Both remind me to stop and enjoy life!  On these floating shelves in my own bedroom I have a "Can't stop won't stop" quote that reminds me to hustle everyday.  "Time to drink champagne and dance on the table" is framed on this side table, because who doesn't like champagne?!

Shelf quote
Table quote

What other tips do you have for styling shelves?  What are your favorite items to incorporate?

Shannon Peppeard